We're are not dead yet

2014 has been very quiet here, there are a few reasons for this but I'll spare you the details. The primary reason however, has been the volume of good stuff being snapped up on other labels including but not exclusive to;

Carry The Weight has released Breaking Point, Renounced & Incitement (plus loads more)

Concrete Records has stepped up and done an ep for Revulsion which is well worth checking out. 

And Decadence have self released one of my favourite records of the year.

Got our eyes out for new things to do, when we know what is happening you will too! 

PS - everything is still free to download, if you haven't got everything please take a chance and check it out. 

Posted on October 22nd, 2014
Things happening aka in the absence of anything else...


In support of the DEAL WITH IT reunion shows, their discography is still available for free download from the store or if you are feeling generous, you can make a donation with all funds going directly to London Air Ambulance. For more information on the cause(and the reason DWI are reuniting) go here: https://www.justgiving.com/Doghead

The reunion shows are March 28th & 29th in Leeds and London respectively, with more information being available somewhere else.


The new IN TONGUES ep is available from the store for download and we will be selling the cdep out of a backpack at shows that I get to over the next few months. The band have them online here: http://intongues.bigcartel.com/ 


It seems to be the busiest few months in a long time for shows in South Wales:

8th March - Outrage record release show w/ Forsaken, Freeze Up & Concave at Undertone

22nd March - Cornered & New Morality venue tbc

2nd April - Gorgoroth & Vital Remains at the Globe

14 April - Comeback Kid, Xibalba & Malevolence at Clwb.

I'm sure there are probably more things happening too, as well as the DWI shows, Outbreak Fest, the debut Concrete Fest... 


Posted on March 5th, 2014
Atonement in 2014

Things have been a little slow again here lately. 

I had put together a number of posts compiling my favourite releases from 2013 along with a selection of the Atonement Alumni discussing their top releases for the year too but Christmas came and I felt like the opportunity was missed. 5 of my favourites are included as part of the guest feature on Tight To The Nail but as that is undoubtedly part of your daily reading I'm sure you know that already. 

So what is coming up? 

Renounced are having their ep released on 7" by Speedowax records which is very cool. 

Below are working on a new demo in advance of a full release. 

The full new In Tongues ep is due, direct from the band, imminently.

Will the C£M£NT tribute to the Judgement Night soundtrack happen? Who knows. 

As ever, the label is looking for it's next project. More about that when we find something to commit to. Everything is still free to download so if you haven't checked something out please don't hestitate to do so. 

More of an update when there is one, until then check out the new Praise record, the Artificial Brain LP on Profound Lore and 'The Satanist' by Behemoth. 3 potential picks for records of the year there for me. 

Oh, and keep an eye out for Realm of Torment. Think people into what we do here will be into that band. Interesting to see how they develop. 

Upcoming Shows/Fests? 

Concrete Fest(April - Birmingham) - Renounced & Below

Outbreak(April - Leeds): Bleak Reality 

UYC Fest (July - Southampton): Renounced & In Tongues

I'm sure there are a lot more, but you get the idea, come say hello and chat about your favourite xLife Sentencex Records releases.

***updated - Renounced Dates***

Southampton @ The Unit, 2nd Feb w/ War Wolf, Attack! Vipers! & more https://www.facebook.com/events/245368322298910/?

London @ The Old Blue Last, 25th Feb w/Ego Trip, Forsaken & more: https://www.facebook.com/events/407578219376434/?f

London @ Archway, 15th March w/Guidance, Fade, Courtyard and Blind Authority

Birmingham @ The Rainbow, 23rd March CONCRETE FEST: https://www.facebook.com/events/616943548347586/?

Southampton, 5th July, UYC FEST: https://www.facebook.com/events/446823348750744/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Brighton @Green Door Store, 6th Sept w/Charlotte Light & Dark, Healing Powers, Me and Goliath & more: https://www.facebook.com/events/542121102551456/?fref=ts

Posted on January 22nd, 2014
Sergeant D and what he thinks

Many of you will be aware of Sergeant D from his website, Stuff You Will Hate, or maybe his contributions to metal news website Metal Sucks but for those of you who this is the first encounter, a little background;

Serge is a child of 90s hardcore and if you spend any time reviewing his written work, I think you'll get a sense of the same nostalgia we have at Atonement for that time, but with a healthy dose of cynicism towards the era. Personally, I think this article for Stuck In The Past is the best summary.

however, for all the cynicism, he has proven he knows what is up and with that in mind, I dropped him a line to discuss what he'd consider the top 3 under-rated records of the 90s and in keeping with the revival theme, what reunion show he'd like to see.

This is what he had to say;

3 underrated records

Capitalist Casualties “The Art Of Ballistics” 7”

One day back in 1992 or so, I went to the local DIY record store and randomly bought three 7”s: Helmet “Meantime,” No Comment “Common Senseless” and this. All three are certified classics, which I guess means I had great taste when I was 14? But of the three, this 7” is the one I hear the least about these days, which is a shame because it’s one of the most pissed off DRI-style hardcore records I’ve ever heard, and in my opinion the best release of their 25 year-long career.

Abnegation “Sown In The Remains” 7” and split with Chapter

For those who aren’t familiar, Abnegation were a vegan sxe moshcore band from Western Pennsylvania who were well known regionally, but nearly unknown in the rest of the country. Of all the bands doing the super metallic, chugga chugga thing in the 90s (and there were a LOT), I personally think Abnegation were the most brutal and ahead of their time. If you’re interested in learning more about these guys, check out this excellent article on Path To Misery (http://pathtomisery.blogspot.com/2009/01/abnegation-discography.html)

Earth Crisis “Destroy the Machines” LP

I know what you’re thinking: “This isn’t underrated!!” And you are correct in the sense that kids do jock ExC a bit these days. But I am not sure that they appreciate exactly how groundbreaking and important this album really is-- it is quite literally the blueprint for a whole generation of hardcore and indirectly inspired all the breakdown-laden scene bands on Warped Tour, Summer Slaughter and every other “verb the noun” summer tour package. But unlike those bands, ExC has actual SONGS, not just collections of random chugs pasted together. Untouchable riffing and one of my favorite guitar sounds of all time (ESP -> Rocktron Chameleon -> Mesa 50/50 power amp -> Mesa 4x12 cab, as I recall)

Reunion Show:

Like most of the other old people reading this, I have been to more shows than I could possibly even begin to count. And the truth is that at this point, I would rather hack off my dick with the pieces of a shattered Comin Correct 7” than watch a band play. Even my favorite bands bore me to tears after 1 or 2 songs, and let’s be honest: they never sound as good live as they do on a record. I’m just not interested. Shows would be great if bands didn’t play, and it was just me and my friends standing around bullshitting, making fun of kids, and listening to records. Which I guess would just be like what happens when we hang out at my house.

But if I had to pick one reunion show, I’d probably choose some horrible band that nobody gave a single fuck about just to see if we could get Tumblr kids to hop on the bandwagon and pretend like they were super excited about it-- maybe Green Rage or NJ Bloodline??

If you aren't already, we'd recommend you follow Serge on all forms of social media and take this opportunity to thank him for taking the time to chat about Hardcore history. Would also like to further recommend the Path To Misery blog, AJ over there does a great job at documenting 90s/Metallic/Heavy Hardcore and is a great resource.

Twitter: stuffuwillhate
Instagram: sergeantd

Tumblr: Sergeant D
Email: stuffyouwillhate@gmail.com

Posted on November 7th, 2013

Love him or hate him, Mike Carver's (aka Catshit Mike, aka Mike Reich, aka Doghead, formerly PosiXMike) hardcore credentials are hard to dispute.

Having sung in such questionable bands such as C£M£NT, Natural Order & Deal With It we've had to put up with his presence in UK Hardcore for well over a decade now. He also played bass in a particularly unnoteworthy period of (now Deathwish Records favorites) Rot In Hell.

In his latest venture to prove he is more real than you, he is heading off to India to mess about on little motorbikes for a fortnight and raise money for two deserving charities. 

Full information about it what is happening and how to donate is available here: https://www.justgiving.com/Doghead

It's important to remember sometimes that Hardcore isn't just about hanging out, and times like this make it very easy for you to make a genuine contribution to the world around you (albeit whilst Doghead does the hard work/has all the fun).

Posted on October 29th, 2013