Atonement in 2014

Things have been a little slow again here lately. 

I had put together a number of posts compiling my favourite releases from 2013 along with a selection of the Atonement Alumni discussing their top releases for the year too but Christmas came and I felt like the opportunity was missed. 5 of my favourites are included as part of the guest feature on Tight To The Nail but as that is undoubtedly part of your daily reading I'm sure you know that already. 

So what is coming up? 

Renounced are having their ep released on 7" by Speedowax records which is very cool. 

Below are working on a new demo in advance of a full release. 

The full new In Tongues ep is due, direct from the band, imminently.

Will the C£M£NT tribute to the Judgement Night soundtrack happen? Who knows. 

As ever, the label is looking for it's next project. More about that when we find something to commit to. Everything is still free to download so if you haven't checked something out please don't hestitate to do so. 

More of an update when there is one, until then check out the new Praise record, the Artificial Brain LP on Profound Lore and 'The Satanist' by Behemoth. 3 potential picks for records of the year there for me. 

Oh, and keep an eye out for Realm of Torment. Think people into what we do here will be into that band. Interesting to see how they develop. 

Upcoming Shows/Fests? 

Concrete Fest(April - Birmingham) - Renounced & Below

Outbreak(April - Leeds): Bleak Reality 

UYC Fest (July - Southampton): Renounced & In Tongues

I'm sure there are a lot more, but you get the idea, come say hello and chat about your favourite xLife Sentencex Records releases.

***updated - Renounced Dates***

Southampton @ The Unit, 2nd Feb w/ War Wolf, Attack! Vipers! & more

London @ The Old Blue Last, 25th Feb w/Ego Trip, Forsaken & more:

London @ Archway, 15th March w/Guidance, Fade, Courtyard and Blind Authority

Birmingham @ The Rainbow, 23rd March CONCRETE FEST:

Southampton, 5th July, UYC FEST:

Brighton @Green Door Store, 6th Sept w/Charlotte Light & Dark, Healing Powers, Me and Goliath & more:

Posted on January 22nd, 2014