Love him or hate him, Mike Carver's (aka Catshit Mike, aka Mike Reich, aka Doghead, formerly PosiXMike) hardcore credentials are hard to dispute.

Having sung in such questionable bands such as C£M£NT, Natural Order & Deal With It we've had to put up with his presence in UK Hardcore for well over a decade now. He also played bass in a particularly unnoteworthy period of (now Deathwish Records favorites) Rot In Hell.

In his latest venture to prove he is more real than you, he is heading off to India to mess about on little motorbikes for a fortnight and raise money for two deserving charities. 

Full information about it what is happening and how to donate is available here: https://www.justgiving.com/Doghead

It's important to remember sometimes that Hardcore isn't just about hanging out, and times like this make it very easy for you to make a genuine contribution to the world around you (albeit whilst Doghead does the hard work/has all the fun).

Posted on October 29th, 2013