Ark of The Covenant is Dead. Again.

The discography will not be getting a vinyl release.

I don't imagine many people will ever read this but as I like to think of myself as a man of my word, I'd like to explain why something I said was happening is no longer.

For starters, we've lost the WAV files and don't really want to be committing MP3's to vinyl as the last testament to the band.

Secondly, and most personal to me having really started Atonement with a view to releasing this record and little else, priorities have changed. As Ark have booked shows, had shows cancelled, had to turn down generous offers of other opportunities a reality became very clear. That reality is that the reasons we pulled the plug on Ark originally have not changed and there is no fresh life to the band.

Our time has passed and it feels very self indulgent putting the time, effort and honestly finance into a band that is very much done when all that energy is better invested, for me, in new projects plus the other guys are doing great things with Natural Order.

I can't see us playing another show after Bulldoze in June but who knows, never say never.

We are grateful to have the opportunity for these final shows and I'm excited to close the band out in this way.

The discography is available from the store for free. Hope you enjoy it.

Ark of The Covenant was and always will be Jones, Owain, Pingu, Jonny, Darke & James.

Posted on May 16th, 2013