Renounced - Conditioned from Birth Atonement007

Very much in keeping with the Atonement ethos and a new addition to the already very healthy London Hardcore scene, taking influence from the tail end of the 90s and more so the rarely replicated early 00s sounding like the best bits of 7 Angels 7 Plagues, This Day Forward, SkyCameFalling and more than a nod to Martyr AD's first album in some of the frankly crushing breakdowns.

This is a master-crafted homage to a near forgotten epoc in Hardcore history.

The band is producing a limited CD version of the demo.

***Please note - art featured is for the CD version plus a screen grab of the tape art at moment(it's a rip of a Skycamefalling tape apparently but I can't confirm this!)

Free download available.

Pressing Information

15 Black
35 Clear

CD version available from the band only.