xRepentancex - DEMO 2013 Atonement003

Atonement003: Savage vegan straight edge metal for fans of savage vegan straight edge metal by fans of savage vegan straight edge metal.

Featuring a member of Never Again, Inherit, Final Rage, Ego Trip... as well as members of Tyburn and probably even more bands.

All orders come with a free download included in your order confirmation.

***Vinyl online Sunday 11th 2013***

A split release with Carry The Weight Records and will feature new artwork to the tape - will update once available.

***Please note, this is not technically a pre-order, we have the vinyl just need a little time to coordinate artwork - We'd like to think these will start shipping within 3 weeks but please be patient***

Pressing Information

Press 1: 20 Black, 40 Pink SOLD OUT
Press 2: 50 Green SOLD OUT

Press 1: 100 Black, 200 Clear