In Tongues & more

The In Tongues 'Northern Darkness' tape is now on sale along with the option to download for free, as with all our releases. 

If you need indicators of sound I'd be inclined to reference Prayer For Cleansing first, or a heavier & dirtier sounding Undying with more than a nod to Disembodied when it does breakdown. Metalcore in it's purest form, raw and nasty played with conviction, not polished or slick in the slightest. 

And if you really can't face downloading/buying it without hearing something first, check the GHC 2012 demo(contained in full as part of the download) here:

Bleak Reality just made another short trip(1 show!) to the mainland, to play the release show for the new ep by Grim and now have some left over merch for sale here:

Also, xRepentancex (who have some left over merch here: are playing the UYC Christmas show in Southampton with our friends in Breaking Point & more. Word has it that Southampton is taking off and wild shows are happening, this will be one to test that;

Posted on November 4th, 2013