It's been a little quiet lately...

...but things are getting back to normal now.

Firstly, we have a new release in production - more on that when it is ready. If you are following Atonement on Twitter, it'll probably be no surprise, but expect heavy & morose UKHC and our most northern release yet. 

Until then, there are a number of shows happening that if you are into what Atonement does, then you'll be very interested in being at!

Firstly, (and somewhat late in pushing this) Indecision & Voorhees are playing London. I'm not really interested in arguing the point; Indecision are one of the most important bands of the 90s and definitely the most relevant band from that era remaining. DIY Hardcore with solid values. 

Also, you may not have the slightest clue who Voorhees are but without bands like them there would be no foundation for the current UKHC scene. 

Plus Natural Order & xRepentancex are playing. We are all moshing. 

and then this is in a few weeks:

Think it goes without saying that this is going to be a lively one. 

If you are at these shows come say hello and chew the fat on your favourite Hatebreed breakdowns. 

Posted on October 25th, 2013