Atonement Summer pt 1

3rd June 2013 

A busy week or two to come here at Atonement;

The release of the Bleak Reality 2013 Demo tape - 2 new songs of quality, classic NYHC worship & a great cover of 'Love Sick' by Crown of Thornz - goes online 4th June! We only have limited quantities so if you want it act fast or try get a copy from the band on tour!

Below, the newest Atonement alumni, are hitting the studio to demo their first release with us. Exact details are still under wraps on this one but expect heavy Hardcore meets Brutal Death Metal. Certainly one for fans of blast beats and breakdowns.

As well as new releases, Bleak Reality are getting in the van and heading off to Europe with Warcharge. I'd expect nothing less than glowing reports of mental shows on this one. Full list of dates below.

Plus, back at home Ark of The Covenant are playing their final show of the foreseeable future with our friends in Repentance, Broken Teeth & NineBar supporting NYHC's most fearsome: BULLDOZE on June 7th 2013

Then I'm taking a holiday.

Also worth noting is Southampton on 6th of July - impressive line up of bands; Natural Order, 50 Caliber, I believe Bleak Reality & Breaking Point and more, plus a crop of the new South Coast bands. Certainly something worth checking out. 50 Caliber!!! #yrmoshin

Posted on June 3rd, 2013