Atonement Presents; Inherit, Natural Order, Strange Places & Outrage CC(April 19th)

First show under the Atonement banner;

Inherit (The Essence Recs) - SRH/LDNSXE adults dropping heavily Leeway inspired jams.

Natural Order (Atonement) - Pre-Cement members in a dark articulation of a broken soul.

Strange Places (Carry The Weight) - Imagine Basement did a heavy metal band, oh, wait...

& Outrage CC (Church of Fuck) - CCHC Boston is The Devil.

April 19th @ Buffalo, Cardiff. 7pm doors and over by 10pm #YRMOSHIN

For more info: contact above or @atonement666 on TWITTER

Thanks to @bradleytompkins for the flyer

Posted on March 17th, 2013